Jamba Juice Innovation Bar

  • Details
  • Completion:2016
  • location:Pasadena, CA
  • Photography:Laure Joliet

Designed as a community-focused space appropriate for multi-generational and multi-dimensional gathering, this experimental test kitchen explores new approaches to both food and the ergonomics of retail experience. The design invokes both old and new as Louis XIV meets pop-art in the form of fruit plasters, fruit supergraphics, and mirrored stainless steel fruit patterns. An organic-shaped bar weaves through the space with varying heights to encourage customer interaction. Along with the curated furniture and fixtures, elements combine to form an elegant public space providing fresh contexts for an established company logo. With a restoration of the original colors on the exterior honoring the historic context, the space also functions as a classic but revitalized sitting room for Pasadena.