Cambridge House

  • Details
  • Completion:2018
  • location:Cambridge, MA
  • Photography:Laure Joliet

This is a seasonal  pied-e-terre for a busy CEO with businesses in Cambridge, Chicago, Los Angeles and beyond. Collectively, Bestor Architecture and Carter Design envisioned a gentleman’s home from the turn of the last century twisted side-ways. The client has a true deep love and appreciation of Cambridge but likes to skew a traditional cape in a masculine manner. This house really does that with a balance of patina and layers. 
He envisioned a place for people to come visit or take long stays. He often has friends and fellow bike riders crash there for extended weeks.
The owner had worked with Barbara Bestor of Bestor Architecture before on two Intelligentsia’s (including the first West Coast outpost in Silverlake way back in 2008 and a second one completed last year in Watertown, MA) but he also knew that Barbara had a keen understanding of Cambridge from growing up there.