LA Conservancy Awards: Silvertop


Silvertop is an engineering and aesthetic marvel, as fascinating today as it was when it was built. Architect John Lautner is legendary for inventive, boundary-pushing designs including the Malin Residence (Chemosphere) in the Hollywood Hills. His design for the Reiner-Burchill Residence, better known as Silvertop, is nearly as iconic as the Chemosphere, with a similar embrace of the curve and the vista. Silvertop is slightly less known because it is perched out of view atop a hill and can best be seen from East Silver Lake Boulevard, across the reservoir. The Organic Modern house, now revitalized by Bestor Architecture, features a huge, arching concrete roof over a wall of glass opening the interior to the views all around, enhanced by a cantilevered swimming pool that seems to flow directly into Silver Lake Reservoir far below.

-LA Conservancy Award

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